Charming Books and Gifts is a St. Louis, MO based provider of elegant and
distinctive books and gifts for people of all ages. Our books and gifts are perfect  for
birthday gifts, get well gifts, corporate gifts, thank you gifts, Christmas gifts or any
other celebration gift.

We offer a large selection of stock gifts that are available for immediate delivery
from St. Louis, MO using UPS delivery service.  Same day courier service is
available for residents of the St. Louis, MO metro area.

Book and gift delivery is available via UPS with various delivery time options
depending upon the address of the gift recipient.

The Elegant Cookie offers city specific books and gifts for the following cities:  
Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver,
Des Moines, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Los
Angeles, Louisville, Madison, Memphis, Minneapolis, Nashville, New
York City, Oklahoma City, Omaha, St. Louis, Washington DC
Charming Books and Gifts
A Book Division of The Elegant Cookie, LLC
Elegant & Charming Books and Gifts

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Books & Gifts For Every Occasion!

Telephone:  314.845.2745

Fax:              314.845.2137
Charming Books and Gifts  Since 2008
A Book Division of The Elegant Cookie, LLC
Welcome to Charming Books and Gifts
Our goal is to provide elegant and charming books and gifts to create treasured
memories that will last a lifetime!  We offer a quaint collection of books similar to  
those found at local corner bookstores.  Our book collection has  the style and
panache that is lacking from the large book retailers.  

What We Do
We know that finding the perfect gift is often a challenge.  We help our clients meet
this challenge by offering delightful books and gifts that are high quality, educational
and a true joy!

All of the books and gifts can be purchased individually or can be incorporated into
a custom gift basket.  Our book and gift specialists have years of experience in
helping clients choose the perfect gift that is tailored to meet their specific gift giving

All of the books and gifts that are offered on our website have been carefully chosen
in accordance with our high standards of excellence.