Christmas Cookies
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Winter Cookie Bouquet
Delightful winter themed cookie bouquet includes 6 decorated cookies that will bring warmth to any cold winter day!
Christmas Mouse Cookie Gift Basket
Enjoy 1 dozen Cookie Cupboard cookies with this delightful Christmas Mouse stuffed animal and Richard Scarry's book "Christmas Mice".
Everything Christmas Cookie Bouquet
Celebrate everything Christmas with this delightful cookie bouquet with 6 decorated cookies.
Presents Galore Cookie Bouquet
Presents, presents everywhere with this charming cookie bouquet of 6 decorated cookies.
Santa Plate of Cookies
Beautifully wrapped Santa plate (8") filled with cookies. A distinctive way to uphold the tradition of leaving cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.
Memphis Christmas Gifts is a St. Louis, MO based provider of elegant and nostalgic Christmas gifts, Christmas gift
baskets, Christmas cookies, chocolate and gourmet confections.  We offer a large selection of stock gifts that are
available for
delivery within 2 business days using UPS ground delivery service.

Christmas gift delivery is available via UPS with various delivery time options depending upon the address of the
Christmas gift recipient.
The Elegant Cookie strives to promote education and knowledge in all of its endeavors.  Here are some
Memphis tidbits that may be of interest to you.

Memphis was founded in 1820 and was named after the ancient capital of Egypt on the Nile River.

Memphis is the home of founders and establishers of various American music genres, including Blues, Gospel,
Rock n' Roll, and country music.  Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, and B. B. King were all getting their starts in
Memphis in the 1950s. They are respectively dubbed the "King" of Country, Rock n' Roll, and Blues.
Memphis  Christmas Gifts offers a vast array of Memphis, TN gifts that are perfect for anyone who has a love or
passion for Memphis. Our goal is to provide elegant and nostalgic Christmas gifts that will help you create
Christmas memories and joy that will last a lifetime!  

Memphis Christmas Gifts provides Memphis customers with an elegant and distinctive option when sending
gifts to Memphis, TN or anywhere nationwide.  All of our Memphis gifts are exquisitely designed and packaged
in order to help you convey a distinguished message with your Memphis gift!

If you need help choosing the perfect Memphis Christmas gift, our Christmas gift specialists are ready to help
with great ideas for the perfect Christmas gift.  They have years of experience in helping customers design
elegant and magical Christmas gifts that bring Christmas cheer to every recipient!
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Christmas at Graceland
Celebrate the time honored tradition of leaving cookies for Santa with these scrumptious Memphis Christmas
cookies.  All of our Memphis Christmas cookies are perfect as stocking stuffers or as standalone gifts.  Either
way, these Memphis Christmas cookies will be delicious treats for every Memphis gift recipient.